The SoliQz Team is ready to help customers with the successful implementation of this state-of-the-art technology

SoliQz B.V. will provide its customers with support and equipment throughout the different phases of the technology implementation. Customers with a demand for high purity solid/liquid separation can come to SoliQz for a feasibility study. Once the feasibility is proven, pilot trials can be executed at the new SoliQz plant (to be completed in Q4 2014). Upon successful pilot trials, SoliQz will provide technical/process support as well as the design and construction of dedicated plant and equipment.

Implementation of the technology delivers significant OPEX and CAPEX cost benefits:

Reduction of OPEX is achieved by delivering:

  • Product purity up to 99,9% in one step (impurity concentration after washing is 100-1000 times lower than in the mother liquor)
  • Energy savings of 20% up to 90% versus distillation
  • No use of solvents
  • No wash liquid consumption.

Reduction of CAPEX is achieved by delivering:

  • Truly continuous process increases the throughput of the HWC by up to 50% per m2/hr. compared with other wash columns.

Further operational benefits are:

  • A very stable operation due to intrinsic self-correction for bed height and wash front.
  • Reliable operations and lower maintenance due to absence of rotating and moving parts.

Example of an industrial scale melt crystallizer (back) and Hydraulic wash column (front)