Implementing a new process technology at industrial scale brings clear benefits in terms of operational costs, capital expenditure, product performance and preferably a combination of these both but also comes with uncertainties. These uncertainties can be overcome by doing a gradual introduction that starts with a feasibility study, followed by pilot scale testing and finally leads to industrial scale process installations.

SoliQz B.V. provides this type of support when customers want to implement melt crystallisation in combination with ultra-purification by washing of the impure crystals in their processes. SoliQz has expertise in process development as well as in the design and construction of the required plant and equipment. This expertise can be applied throughout the technology implementation cycle from feasibility studies to pilot plant trials to the supply of industrial scale plant equipment for both new and existing processes.

The process development expertise comes from SoliQz’s co-operation with TNO from whom it has obtained a global and exclusive license for the TNO Hydrualic Wash column technology. TNO developed this technology during a period of 15 years and carried out numerous feasibility studies and pilot scale trials. The plant design and construction expertise come from SoliQz’s co-operation with Armstrong-Chemtec, a leading global expert in this field.

So, when you are considering (melt)crystallisation as a separation process and are looking for support along the implementation process you should definitely let us know by sending in a contact form, an E-mail or calling us directly. We will be ready to help you!