SoliQz & Ultra Purification

At SoliQz we are ready to make your solid-liquid separation and purification process more effective and significantly more cost competitive. Through very selective melt crystallisation in combination with our proprietary Hydraulic Wash Column we deliver products with purity up to 99,9% in one process step. You can realise this with a reduction in energy consumption from 20% up to 90% compared to distillation.

The SoliQz technology

At SoliQz we use the very selective melt crystallisation process in combination with our proprietary Hydraulic Wash Column (HWC) to purify a broad range of chemicals. This is done in a truly continuous process while making use of very robust equipment with a minimum of rotating parts. All processes are designed to meet your specific needs in terms of purity and yield. The equipment is custom-made and meets the highest manufacturing standards.

We support the complete process implementation starting from feasibility studies followed by pilot-scale validation trials on our multi-purpose pilot facility in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The technology has already been successfully scaled-up to semi-industrial and industrial scale.

At SoliQz we believe there are many more opportunities in the purification of bulk chemicals, bio-based monomers and polymers as well as broad range of specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates that would strongly benefit from the implementation of melt crystallisation in combination with the Hydraulic Wash Column.

Experience of SoliQz

15 years of intense technology development at TNO (Nl) have proven that the HWC technology delivers high purity products for a wide range of compounds at lab-scale. This performance was confirmed at the pilot scale by performing 50+ trials with different compounds. Since 2015 SoliQz B.V. has been active in the commercialisation of the Hydraulic wash column for a broad range solid/liquid separation applications. SoliQz is now operating it’s multi-purpose pilot facility located in Rotterdam in the very heart of the European petrochemical industry. The design and construction of the equipment is done in close co-operation with Armstrong-Chemtec who bring their proven continuous crystallisation process and over 60 years of experience in designing and building of process equipment for the chemicals industry.

Project list to date:

Over the years SoliQz (and previously TNO) has executed:

  • 50+ feasibility tests on a broad range of chemical compounds
  • 50+ pilot scale tests with melt crystallisation and the HWC for a broad range of chemicals
  • 2 (semi) industrial projects:
    • Purification of phosphoric acid for Solvay in Germany
    • Purification of an organic solvent for a large global petrochemical Company
  • 2 projects for lab-scale HWC units sold to large chemical/pharmaceutical multinational companies for in-house evaluation of the HWC technology.
  • Quotations for industrial scale units in Europe, North America, China and India.